Elbrus Collection




Hi, they call me Elbrus, I’m your backpack made out of the inner tube of truck tires combined with polyester fabric. I like the city and the countryside. I’m the oldest of my brothers and sisters. On my back and on my straps I have breathable foam to lean better on your upper and lower back. I also have a shorter hand strap. I shouldn’t say it myself, but I’m very smart. I have four outer pockets made out of truck tire: two open ones on the sides, another one on the bottom that closes up with a waterproof zipper and a smaller one on the flap.

My flap closes with two adjustable fasteners so that you can adjust my capacity. My mouth closes up with a string that goes through it. I’m covered in nylon on the inside. I have  three more inner pockets: one of them closes up with a zipper and can be used for more valuable objects and the other two are open pockets to keep your cell phone, a notebook or your wallet in them. I can go anywhere and I’m very flexible!

Capacity: 30L

Measurements: 28x55x18 cm

Weight: 1 Kg

Upcycled truck tires inner tube