Objects and materials that we throw away, sigh with the hope of being saved, just before we say good-bye in a farewell moment.  They deserve a second chance, transforming themselves, to show their new utility to the world that rejected them.  They need to redeem themselves, from their sentenced life cycle, to realize their dream.  Our work is to resuscitate materials and find lost treasures in the discarded items of the modern world´s progress. And we have lots of fun doing it.


Our project was born in 2001 in Barcelona. The first phase was the creation of a small multidisciplinary design studio.  Various products, like accessories and furniture, emerged from recycling and investigating multiple useless materials.  Above everything else, what stood out were the hand-made bags from advertisement flags. Since then, we use the advertisement flags hung from street lamps in Barcelona and Madrid, among other materials.  You will not find two of the same hand-made bags, none of the graphics are repeated.


We are dedicated to giving a second chance to materials that are disposed of.  Our products have a second life born out of investigation and development of different types of materials recovered.  We analyze their properties, characteristics and adapt them to the best form and function possible. Thanks to our passion of this work, Nukak will continue to surprise in the future with new products and new materials.    


The entire production is artisan and made by hand in Barcelona.  When objects that served their original purpose become useless, since their life cycle ended, that is when our work begins.  These materials are collected, stored, sent to our warehouse in a dirty, wrinkled state to begin their resurrection. There is a process before we can convert these into raw materials used in production where we classify materials according to their characteristics, select graphics and clean them.

The production is done in CIRE (Center for Reinsertion Initiatives) workshops in the Modelo prison in Barcelona.  We also work with small local workshops where very experienced artisans sew our product with all their care.