The materials we use in the making of our bags and accessories are quite varied. They were all created for a different purpose, having been developed to fulfil their potential during a life cycle that was thought to have concluded.

Each piece of material retains the qualities that make its repurposing possible. Our work begins with these materials, and as such we are always researching and looking for more.

Kitesurfing sails

Kitesurfing sails have a limited lifespan. After several years of holding up under strong winds, they lose some of the tension they require to function properly. These sails are quite large, and the material is ultra-light and highly resistant. They also come in a wide variety of colours. All of these characteristics offer infinite possibilities when designing the pieces that make up this collection.

Inner tubes

Inner tubes travel for thousands of kilometres during their first life in transportation. Once they are beyond repair, these tubes lose their usefulness, and are abandoned in rubbish dumps. They are made to support tonnes of weight and to endure high temperatures. These characteristics are ideal when creating a collection of indestructible, long-lasting bags and accessories. We use the biggest tubes from trucks and agricultural vehicles.

Advertising banners

Our cities are filled with advertising for all kinds of events, with PVC banners finding their ideal expression hanging from lampposts. Once these events have concluded, the banners are taken down to make way for new announcements. We choose and clean these banners with the goal of turning them back into raw materials for the creation of exclusive, timeless, and very colourful products.