Corporate projects

We custom corporate projects. You can give a second life to the publicity material of your company and we make bags and accessories, which you can sell or give to your customers or members of your team.

How it works?


proyectos corporativos

We recover publicity banners and advertising campaigns or those of our own stock of other campaigns. We can also use innertubes, sales or kitesurf kites.


proyectos corporativos reciclaje

The products can be customized with your logo. We make a corporate textile label of the size and colors that you want and we sew it wherever you like.


proyectos corporativos reciclaje

You can choose any bag or accessory for our collection. We can also make a special design to adapt to your idea. The production time is approx. 3-4 weeks since the material is in our warehouse until we send the finished product.


proyectos corporativos reciclaje

We pack and label the product according to our instructions. And we send it to any part of the world.

Some examples

corporative projects

Sap Hybris

Workstation bag for computer, portfolio and other work tools. Manufactured from the campaigns of Sap Hybris, and customized with the logo of SAP and SAP Hybris..

corporative projects recyclied

Best Drive

Recycling project of car and truck cameras to make backpacks for internal campaign for their workshops.


Special serie of messenger bags and briefcases. Manufactured from the campaigns of CosmoCaixa and Caixa Forum, and customized with the client's logo.


Special design of briefcases for commercials and aprons for bars and restaurants distributors.

La Vanguardia

Tote bags manufactured with advertising campaigns sponsored by a customer. Gift for new newspaper subscribers.


Several models of handbags made with Bread and Butter fair campaigns. Each edition sold as part of the merchandising handbags made with the banners of the last edition.


Messengers with the size a briefcases with elastic rubber closure. Made to sell in the M-Store of the Moriz Factory in Barcelona.

La casa Batlló

Tote bags made from a communication campaign of La Casa Batlló. They were sold in the museum store.

La casa de Carlota

Bag designed in collaboration with La Casa Carlota, the first design studio that integrates people with Down syndrome as an important part of their creative team. They were sold in their website at: